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Cyclone Yasi

- Australia’s Super Storm

“So if you're struggling to grasp the magnitude of Tropical Cyclone Yasi, consider this: it is so large it would almost cover the United States, most of Asia and large parts of Europe. The pre-landfall core was over 500km wide and its associated activity stretched well over 2000km.”

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Yasi crosses coast in North’s darkest hour

Cyclone Yasi hit the North Queensland cost on 2/2/2011. It has been recorded as the strongest cyclone to ever hit Queensland and stronger than Tracey that hit Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory on 24/12/74, and  also Katrina that hit New Orleans , USA on 29/8/2005 although there were many more fatalities from these other storms.

Yasi was a massive storm that covered a huge area in the North East of Australia.

This above video was filmed on Magnetic Island where the winds reached about 180 km to 200 km per hour.

The storm was much stronger about 150 kms north of here where there was incredible devastation. People are still recovering from this storm today!